Sergio Martinez Sanchez was born of August of 1979, a warm day in the q all the utopias seemed dead already and the art was sometimes agonizing under an overdose of the formal thing forgetting trasfondo metaphysician q all work art needs to happen to the superior roster of the inmortal, the human and the divine .

Thing After an adolescence centered in the studies, the nocturnal readings and juergas, their eyes settled in the magic of the art. Glimpsing magnificencias q they emanated of all the artistic call decided to register itself in Beautiful Arts at the age of 22 years, happily leaving a race of Right that him could not provide everything what looked for, that q only the art seems to dare to satiate. Like other so many artists before he, it felt the urgent necessity to transmit a complex inner world venturing itself in a race in which the talent not always is sufficient to prevail. Looking for fortune it seemed to find in the art an analgesic one for the life. Poet and painter, its work reflects a mysterious and visionary world in which the metaphor becomes a weapon to express but the deep thing of its being. The one that it wants to approach his work will have to look for gold in the depths of the metafórico taking a mirror in the hand. Only thus it will be able to be entered in pictures that are directed to intelligence over any other sense. One is not therefore works that can but that dispatch in few seconds “voyeur” occasional that visits them will have to enter itself in a onírico world that is not within reach of everybody.


Tired of the traditional painting of bodegones and pictures, locating itself beyond which the abstract art will be able to never show, its painting makes balances between the metafórico, figurative and the abstract thing creating an own style that moves away it of all well-known school. Sergio takes advantage of the feelings that each color can create beyond the retina using a sensitivity in continuous growth.
The main inspiration of its art is in the poetry and music; their favorite authors in this field are people of the stature of William Blake, Edgar Allan Poe, Baudelaire, Nietzsche, Bukowski, Dylan Thomas or other but present like Jim Morrison, Panero or Bunbury.
From all of them it has taken a conception of the world and of the life that moves away it of the common creed and it makes agree in Art with its favorite authors. Its originality is based first of all in its painting being still inclasificable in spite of mainly having a distant kinship with the surrealismo and with the poetry. In its work it has an importance nails the chance and the spontaneous thing, without leaving of side the elaborated thing of the idea.
The list of favorite painters also is long for this scholar. Among them they are Picasso, Basquiat, Willem de Kooning, Paul Klee, Warhol, Dalí, Edvar Munch and a long list of others.